Abstract submission

Abstract submission closed 19th February. The abstracts being presented can be found in the scientific programme. Presenting authors, please refer to the speaker guidelines and poster guidelines, respectively, for important information.

The main theme of the 53rd Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE’2019) is “Animal lives worth living”.

ISAE’2019 invites you to submit an abstract for the following types of presentation:

  • Plenary presentation, 45 minutes
  • Keynote presentation, 30 minutes
  • Oral presentation, 15 minutes
  • Poster presentation
  • Workshop presentation

Abstracts must be submitted in OASES, the Wageningen Academic Publishers’ Online Academic Submission & Evaluation System by 15th February, 2019. If you do not have an account for login, you must first sign up to get login details. With the exception of workshop presentations, only one abstract per presenting author will be accepted.

The abstract must not exceed 3500 keystrokes, including 500 keystrokes for title, authors and affiliations. If the latter exceeds 500 keystrokes, the available keystrokes for the abstract text are reduced accordingly. The title can contain a maximum of 125 keystrokes.

When preparing your abstract, please follow ISAE’s Abstract Submission Standard, which is Appendix II of ISAE’s Procedural Guidelines. It may also be useful to view the Guide for Reviewers of Abstracts when preparing your abstract (Appendix III of the Procedural Guidelines). Pay particular attention to the ISAE Ethical Guidelines and address any potential ethical concerns in your abstract.

When submitting your abstract, select your preferred type of presentation and preferred scientific topic. Free communications on other topics are also invited. Depending on abstracts received, your presentation may be transferred to a different type of presentation or topic than your original selection.

The presenting author must be identified when submitting your abstract. This person must register for the congress by the deadline for Early-bird registration (15th May, 2019). If not registered, the abstract will be removed from the Proceedings and the place in the programme will be allocated to another presenter.

When your abstract has been submitted, you will receive confirmation by e-mail. Abstracts will be evaluated through peer review. Requests for revision will be e-mailed by 15th March, 2019 and, by 15th April, 2019, you will be informed whether or not your abstract has been accepted.

Plenary presentations
The presentation will be a maximum of 35 minutes, leaving 10 minutes for questions and discussion. A plenary presentation focuses on new perspectives within pure or applied ethology, or reviews a scientific topic of wide interest to the audience. When preparing your presentation, please follow the Guidelines for speakers.

Keynote presentations
Keynote presentations are placed at the start of parallel sessions. The presentation will be a maximum of 25 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for questions and discussion. A keynote presentation focuses on new perspectives within the topic of the session or reviews a scientific area relevant to the session. When preparing your presentation, please follow the Guidelines for speakers.

Oral presentations
Oral presentations are regular presentations in a parallel session. The presentation will be a maximum of 12 minutes, leaving 3 minutes for questions. When preparing your presentation, please follow the Guidelines for speakers.

Poster presentations
Posters are divided into two groups (see programme), because of the large number of accepted posters (N=226). Group A posters must be on the poster boards on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Group B posters must be on the poster boards on Thursday and Friday. During specific poster sessions, the presenting author is expected to be present by his/her poster. The poster must be produced in accordance with the Guidelines for poster presentations. The poster boards will be 96 cm wide and 138 cm high.

You may opt to order printing of your poster locally in Bergen, for collection at the Registration desk on Monday 5th August. The price per poster sized A0 (84 x 119 cm) is NOK 630 incl. VAT. You can do this by contacting the printing company, A7 Print AS, directly. The poster must be sent as a PDF to profil@a7print.no. Please mark your order with ISAE2019. For large files, A7 Print recommends the use of https://wetransfer.com/.

Posters that are not removed by the authors at the end of the conference will be discarded (recycled) by the organizers.

Workshop presentations
There will be six workshops offered in the evening of Tuesday 6th August:

  1. Visualizing and analysis of individual-level data within large group systems
  2. Future trends in the prevention of damaging behaviour
  3. Novel indicators of fish welfare
  4. Engaging students in learning about production animal welfare assessment
  5. Managing the dairy cow around the time of calving – can we do better?
  6. Animal training – efficacy and welfare

See Workshops for details.

The Local Scientific Committee
The Chair of the Local Scientific Committee is Professor Ruth C. Newberry, ruth.newberry@nmbu.no. The committee is presented here. Over 80 reviewers assisted in the abstract evaluation process.