Guidelines for speakers

Please hand in your presentation on a USB memory stick at the Speaker’s room (Dræggen 2) by 18:00 on the day before your presentation (for presentations before lunch) or in the morning before 10:00 (for after-lunch presentations).

Please introduce yourself to your Session Chairperson in the break just before your presentation session. The lecture rooms are equipped with modern hardware for audio-visual presentations and student helpers will assist you to ensure that everything works, including putting on a headset with microphone.

General guidance

  • Presentations must be prepared in Powerpoint. Other formats will not be supported.
  • Please use 4:3 format for your slides.
  • Presentations should be saved in Powerpoint Show format (.ppsx) to a USB or other portable format.
  • Please name your Powerpoint file using the time of your presentation (24-h format) followed by your surname, e.g. ‘14.30_Harnad.ppsx’.
  • Use of personal computers will not be permitted.
  • If you have videos or audio clips, they must be embedded in the presentation. We strongly advise that you upload and test your presentation both for video and sound well before your slot in the programme.

Tips for effective presentations

  1. Titles should be 35-45 point font – make sure each slide has one. Short, concise titles are best.
  2. Use 24 point font or larger for body text.
  3. Contrast title and body text by colour and font size.
  4. Do not overuse bold, italic and all capital letters (which can be hard to read).
  5. Make sure Tables and Figures stand on their own and can be understood when shown.
  6. As a guide: max. 6 words per bullet, max. 6 bullets /lines per slide.
  7. If you have more than four rows or four columns in a table, it will be difficult to read.
  8. Keep the colour scheme the same throughout the presentation.
  9. Make liberal use of graphics to illustrate points, rather than lots of text.
  10. Keep fonts, bullets, colour, and graphics consistent in the presentation. Avoid depicting differences using red and green – those with colour blindness may not see the difference.
  11. Only use text fonts that are included in the basic installation of the English version of Microsoft Windows. Less common fonts may not appear properly.
  12. For images, a dpi setting higher than 200 dpi is not necessary. It will only increase file size.
  13. As a guide, aim for about 1 slide per minute of presentation.

Practice your talk, especially with colleagues, for timing and clarity. Please stick to your allotted time as Session Chairs will still be strict with timekeeping.