Travel to Bergen

By airplane
Find your airline company that takes you to the Bergen Airport Flesland, 18 km south of Bergen. Fly directly from many cities such as Copenhagen, Stockholm, New York, Helsinki, Amsterdam and London. See all here.

Vågen i Bergen sett fra luften /Vågen in Bergen
(Photo credit: Bergen Reiselivslag / Eivind Senneset –

Transportation from airport
For transportation from Bergen airport Flesland, see here

By train

The Bergen Railway between Oslo and Bergen is an experience in itself. Discover some of the most beautiful landscapes in Norway.

The whole journey between Oslo and Bergen takes seven hours, and there are four departures a day from Oslo and four departures from Bergen.

The Bergen railway is a comfortable and easy way to travel, and is an excellent way of exploring Norway. By the Bergen Railway you can reach some of the country’s most natural attractions. If you prefer to travel by night, the Bergen Railway operates as a night train with sleeping compartments. Tickets are for sale at You are advised to pre-book train tickets, as trains may become full in the tourist season.

Hallingskeid Finse / The train across Handagervidda from Bergen to Oslo, at Halligskeid Finse
(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons )

By car

Take the road from Oslo to Bergen and experience the magnificent mountain passes and majestic fjord landscape.

The road from Oslo to Bergen is known for its many mountain passes and majestic fjord landscapes. Enjoy your trip over the mountains through Hallingdal, and either Hemsedal (Highway 52) or Hardangervidda (Highway 7) and down to the fjords as Hardangerfjorden or Sognefjorden.


For those who are driving to Bergen, there is a parking garage underneath the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. The parking house is operated by third party, private operator APCOA 

  • NOK 31 per hour
  • NOK 225 per day

There are other public parking facilities available further away (e.g. KlosterGarasjen, NOK 36 per hour, NOK 200 per day; ByGarasjen, NOK 24 per hour, NOK 150 per day). See

The Hardanger fjord bridge.
(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons )