Workshops and satellite meetings

There will be two workshops offered from 1730-2000h on Tuesday 6th August.
You are requested to indicate your participation in a workshop at the Registration site. If you already have submitted your registration, you can click on ‘Amend your current registration’.


  1. Visualizing and analysis of individual-level data within large group systems

Rapid advances in technology are allowing for a greater understanding of animal behaviour at the level of the individual. However, with these advances and the often relatively large datasets that result, novel methods are required to visualize and statistically analyse the generated data. This workshop, co-organized by Dr. Michael Toscano (University of Bern) and Dr. Janice Siegford (Michigan State University), will focus on innovative techniques to process these individual-level data and make sense of underlying patterns. We ask that people consider submitting an abstract for the workshop detailing their novel means to visualize and statistically analyse individual data (submission by 15th February, 2019 through OASES). Selected contributions will form an initial slate of short oral presentations on the theme (7-10 minutes/presentation depending on number of abstracts received). Following presentations, breakout groups will be formed to discuss methods, with results presented at the end of the 2.5 hour workshop. Any questions should be directed to Dr. Michael Toscano (


  1. Future trends in the prevention of damaging behaviour

This workshop is organised by members of the EU-COST Action “Synergy for preventing damaging behaviour in group housed pigs and chickens (GroupHouseNet)”. The workshop will focus on dissemination of both scientific and practical information about how to prevent tail biting in pigs and feather pecking/cannibalism in laying hens without resorting to tail docking and beak trimming. The workshop will start with approximately five 10-minute oral presentations followed by discussion. Speakers will be invited by the workshop organizers and may upload their abstract through OASES by 15th February, 2019. Please direct questions about this workshop to Professor Andrew Janczak (