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Funicular station
Please meet up at 18.00 at the entrance to Fløyene Funicular station. See map on page seven in the mini program.

Bring both:
- your ticket: Dinner at Fløyen on Wednesday
- your menu card: Dinner “on the roof of Bergen”

AGM on Thursday
The meeting has been moved from Kongesal 2-3 to Kongesal 4-5
Excursions on Wednesday
Please meet, with your ticket, for your excursion 15 minutes before the indicated start time. Bring clothes for various weathers, although the weather forecast at present looks promising. You might still need your yellow rain hat (in Norwegian: Sydvest), as weather may change with short notice.

  • Tour 1 – Matre Research Station: Meet outside hotel at 13:45. Bus leaves at 14:00.
  • Tour 2 – Fjord Cruise: Meet at 14:00 just across the road from the hotel, by the seaside where you will see the cruise-boat. The boat will leave at 14:15.
  • Tour 3 – Classical guided tour by coach: Meet outside hotel at 14:45. The coach leaves at 15:00.
  • Tour 4 – Walking tour of Hansa area: Meet outside hotel at 14:45. The guide starts at 15:00.
Speakers Thursday morning
Because of the excursions Wednesday after lunch, the Speaker’s Room will close at 14:30h. Those who shall give an oral presentation on Thursday before lunch must submit their Powerpoint file on Wednesday before 14:30h in room Dræggen2.
Book of abstract

International Society for Applied Ethology 2023 - book of Abstracts

please review the Guidelines for speakers and poster presentationsSpeakers,
submit your presentation file at the Speaker’s room (Dræggen 2) by 18:00 the day before (for presentations before lunch) or in the morning before 10:00 (for after-lunch presentations).
Change in bus departures
The  Airport Bus departs 4 times per hour from the Bergen Airport to  the city centre of Bergen  – but only one of these departure per hour will bring you to the stop ‘Bryggen’ which is where the conference hotel of ISAE’2023, the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel is located. 
The airport bus which stops at ‘Bryggen’ / Radisson Blu Royal Hotel departs from the airport 23 minutes past every hour. If you miss this departure, you can take any of the other 3 departures every hour, but these bus departures stop at ‘Festplassen’, which is a 12 minute walk from the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel.
All stops are announced. Please signal when you wish to depart. For more info and time schedule, see for additional options including the Bergen Light Rail Service.
Welcome reception, Monday 5th August 19:00-20:00
Meet outside the congress hotel Radisson Blu Royal at 18:45 for a joint walk to Håkonshallen, while experiencing typical Bergen culture.  After the official ceremony, the students will gather downstairs in the cellar rooms under Håkonshallen to mix & mingle. Here they will get their canapees and wine, so it is not necessary to bring this from Håkonshallen.
Excursion Tour 2: 3-hour Norwegian Fjord Tour
Because of many participants, we have booked a larger boat. Therefore, this tour will start at 14:15, not 15:00 as earlier indicated. The tour ends at about 17:15.
Lunch Table Discussions, Friday 9th at 12:00
The list of discussion topics is updated, please see here.
Scientific Programme
The complete Scientific Programme is now found here.